Here is how it works:
Don't know where to start?  I can help.
You realize that a professional website is important to you and your business so you contact me at or 320-583-4778.
We email and/or talk on the phone to define what you want, I get a rough idea of the color scheme andstructure of the site, etc. You e-mail me any text you have, scanned flyers, photos, etc.  along with your logo.
I'll work up a design concept using the information you provided. Each site is custom designed just for you.  I use my own software to create the code.  I do not use online website 'quick' tools.  The result is a site that is right for you - not a cookie cutter approach. 
I'll upload the site under a temporary address for you to review.
Once we have a good starting template I am going to need a deposit of 1/3 of the expected cost.  You can PayPal it to me or send a check.. 
Once you approve the design and content of the site, we are ready to "go live"
I will reserve the server space, purchase the domain name for you, load your site it to your permanent address and others can see it.  At this time I will also configure any e-mail addresses or forwards that need to be done.  (If you already have a web host and domain name that's okay.  I can work with what you have already purchased.)
I will send you an invoice for the remainder of your bill.
If you have corrections or changes, just let me know.  Regular updates or changes need to be contracted with a maintenance contract or can be contracted on an as needed basis.  But minor changes or updates are covered under your $100/year server, registration and maintenance fee.

Tips to have a Good Site

There are a few things that you can do to ensure I design a good site for you.

1. Don't worry about buying a domain name or server space - I will take care of all of that.

There are two reasons I prefer to do this for you rather than have you do it yourself. The first is that in spite of the GoDaddy commercials, it's a complicated, confusing thing to do if you're not familiar with it. The second reason is a bit more selfish - I simply prefer to have your domain registration and server space handy in case something goes wrong and I need access to it. But don't panic if you've already started this process! That's perfectly fine, it just takes a bit more work on my end.

2. Give me photos, text, graphics or whatever you have to work with.

While I can design, edit, proofread, etc., you are the expert at what you do, and you know your business much better than I.  I'm almost entirely dependent upon you for the content of your site.  If you don't provide some text for me to work with, we'll end up with a pretty blank-and ineffective-website.
Special Note - Getting visitors to your site

While everyone wants their site to be at the top of Google's listings, it's a little unrealistic, considering there are around four hundred million websites on the Internet. I will do some basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO), such as putting keywords (or "metatags") in the code and submitting to the major search engines, but true SEO is well beyond my capabilities. The big companies don't blink at spending tens of thousands of dollars each month to maintain a good ranking on Google.

Think of it this way. Imagine you're building a store. You'd hire a good contractor to put up the walls, make sure the plumbing and electricity work and that the roof doesn't leak. But you wouldn't expect the contractor to stock the shelves for you, maintain inventory, run the cash register, or manage your advertising campaign. I'm sort of like the contractor - I'll build and maintain your website, but it's mostly up to you to spread word about the site to generate traffic.