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breakout trading strategy
The potential benefits that can be collected from the breakout trading strategy are indeed tempting. However, not a few traders are hesitant to use this strategy for fear of being stuck with a false breakout signal.
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Responding to the problem, successful trader Kathy Lien had an interesting solution. He uses the help of the CCI indicator to identify opportunities for a breakout of price momentum. According to him, the strengthening of prices will continue if supported by momentum that moves fast. Therefore, the CCI indicator which is actually an oscillator can give the right direction to see the real potential breakout.
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Donald Lambert's indicator is limited by +100 and -100 levels, which are generally interpreted as overbought and oversold limits. Interestingly, this breakout trading strategy is not guided by these standard principles. Rather than interpreting movements outside the +100 and -100 limits as saturated signals, Kathy Lien views these conditions as opportunities for entry of signal breakouts. So, how does this trading breakout strategy work?

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